Arms of the Ministries


Establishing a church based arm, aimed at providing christian education:

  • A Bible-based Christ-centered teaching
  • Leading people to Christ
  • Equipping them with knowledge, skills and attitude for effective christian service.

This arm is called the Bible Way Assembly Int’l Ministries.

Offering holistic services such as social, medical, economic and physical needs of the underprivileged, Unchurched and Unreached people. This is to support these less privileged ones to live a healthy life, which will allow them to be wholly committed to serving the Lord better. The area under this arm accommodates:
1. MINISTERS CHILDREN & THE YOUTHS – with the theme, “Children of the Kingdom” and whose focus must be redirected to God. Our program focuses on:

  • Leading them into work with God & getting them read for the next generation.
  • Living a life of good morals and purity
  • Equipping them with knowledge, skills & attitude needed for effective service life
  • Building them to be physically fit


With theme, “Women of the Kingdom” by virtue of the sensitive position they occupy in God’s program. Our program focuses on:

  • Desire to lead women to a closer to a closer work to the Lord at the heart of Proverbs 31
  • Train the younger women to love their husband and children. Titus 4
  • Creating a loving and peaceful environment for people around them e.g. home, church & their community.
  • To connect women of all generations through fellowship and discipleship.
  • Caring, loving and raising God offsprings unto the Lord for the next generation.