Blood Circulation

It’s common knowledge that a foundation of life is adequate blood flow throughout the body. However, beyond a normal heart rate, blood pressure reading, and cholesterol test, most of us never give our circulatory systems a second thought.

Even though blood flow may not be thought-provoking if it is functioning normally, reduced or impaired blood flow will almost immediately trigger alarms in the cells that have been denied their source of oxygen and nutrients, and eventually the tissues and organs that house those cells will function abnormally. Improper blood flow can result in a host of bodily functions that will lead to a mile-long list of symptoms and disorders. However, once blood flow has been improved to cells, tissue, and organs, their function improves with symptoms of dysfunction noticeably decreases and sometimes disappear altogether. It is possible to improve general blood flow through exercise, diet, increased water consumption, nutritional supplements, or medication.

General blood flow is found in 26% of the body’s blood vessels–the arteries and veins that transport blood to and from the organs. It is the blood flow in the minuscule blood vessels–the other 74% of the vasculature within the organs and glands–that makes up what is called microcirculation. How then can you make a difference in the majority of the blood vessels? The answer is BEMER.

BEMER is an acronym for Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation and is registered as a medical device in the United States by the FDA. BEMER is used by both consumers and clinicians alike. BEMER is easy to use and is a safe and effective adjunctive therapy to all of the protocols used here at Amazing Natural Health Center.

BEMER Therapy is a therapeutic modality that deploys a bio-rhythmically defined stimulus that has a targeted effect on systemic and local circulation. This is achieved by effectively stimulating targeted physiology. BEMER facilitates functional blood flow within the body. Dysfunctional or compromised blood flow is correlated with many negative health issues.

BEMER Therapy has two complementary forms of application: First, the full-body applicator (B.BODY), which is designed to systemically affect circulation over the entire body. Then there are special applicators (B.SPOT, B.PAD, B.SIT) are designed for targeted delivery and local application of the BEMER signal. While BEMER does use a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) as a carrier wave for delivering its signal, the field itself is not the sole substance that elicits the complex physiological effects. Rather, it is the patented waveform that is delivered in a proprietary manner. The researchers chose to use a PEMF as the carrier because of its deep penetration and overall safety.

BEMER is intended to be used to maintain or encourage a general state of health and well being by:

  • Enhancing general blood flow
  • Supporting nutrient distribution and improved elimination of metabolic waste
  • Enhancing physical fitness and endurance
  • Enhancing the body’s strength and energy levels
  • Reducing stress and achieving relaxation
  • Enhancing quality of life

BEMER has few contraindications and is safe to use for most people. Dr. Atkin will determine if it will be helpful for you.

Disclaimer: BEMER is a General Wellness product and is not intended to be used to treat or cure any disease and/or condition.