Cell Renewal Therapy

The question of cell renewal is one that all of us have an intuitive daily experience with. We all notice that our hair falls out regularly, yet we don’t get bald (at least not until males reach a certain age!). Similarly, we have all had the experience of cutting ourselves only to see how new cells replace their damaged predecessors. And we donate blood or give blood samples without gradually draining our circulatory system. All of these examples point to a replacement rate of cells that is characteristic of different tissues and in different conditions, but which makes it abundantly clear that for many cell types renewal is a part of their story.

Cell Renewal Therapy is the replacement of cells. For example, those in the skin by the proliferative activity of basal stem cells. Cell Renewal Therapy is an intense remedy for a variety of skin ailments that heals and locks in moisture that lasts for hours.

Are you suffering from cuts, sores, rashes, burns and eczema? Our Cell Renewal Therapy is a complete skin remedy and therapy for all or major skin conditions.