Full Body Detoxification


Ionic cleansing foot detoxification is gentle in its approach, yet profound in its effect of riding the body of unwanted toxins. Foot detoxification addresses the core cause of all diseases; metal toxicity, high acidity, and internal pollution.

There are more pores and sweat glands in your feet than anywhere else on your body. The ion foot detox assists you to naturally expel accumulated toxins from your body.

The duel ionic foot detoxification spa accentuates your body’s natural detox functions quickly, easily, and with no discomfort. The foot spa works to cleanse the body’s internal systems by running positive and negative ions from an ion generator (known as the array). The ion charge from the spa safely draws out toxins through the bottom of your feet and into the water. Once the session begins, you may see the results almost instantaneously. Gas bubbles may appear and alterations in the color of the water may soon begin, demonstrating that changes are occurring.

The foot spa array stimulation causes the 2,000 eccrine glands per foot to expel their contents into the water, detoxifying your body’s accumulated toxins naturally and at an accelerated rate.