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Colon Hydro Therapy


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  • 1 SESSION IS $65.00. YOU SAVED $25
  • 3 SESSIONS 1S $180.00. YOU SAVED $90.00
  • 6 SESSIONS IS $330.00. YOU SAVED $210.00
  • 10 SESSIONS IS $500.00. YOU SAVED $400.00
  • 15 SESSIONS IS $675.00 YOU SAVED $675.00
  • 20 SESSIONS IS $800.00. YOU SAVED $1,000.00
  • 25 SESSIONS IS $875.00.YOU SAVED $1,375.00
  • 30 SESSIONS IS $900.00.YOU SAVED $1,800.00

Give your insides something to smile about with a holistic cleansing and detoxification procedure from Amazing Natural Health and Wellness Holistic Natural Center (ANH&W) Angel of Water Colon Hydro Care. Designed to improve your digestive system’s functioning, increase your energy and enhance your overall immunity.

Offering clients complete privacy, ANH&W Colon Hydro Care’s open colonic system does away with the old, more traditional ways of having a colon cleanse, thanks to a safe and simple, state-of-the-art piece of equipment. With the Angel of Water CM-1 hydrotherapy machine, patients are left alone to disrobe of their lower body garments and recline on the unit, where they will then painlessly insert the lubricated nozzle by themselves – without the need for a technician monitoring the system.

Water is activated once you are ready (call the clinic technicians on a 2-way remote radio) and within 45 minutes, 8-16 gallons of purified water is irrigated through your colon! Clean, odorless and 100% dignified, ANH&W Colon Hydro Care aims to provide you with complete privacy, while helping you achieve optimum kidney, liver and internal organ health. Adding years to your life, giving your eyes and skin a special glow, improving blood circulation and so much more, this is one experience you can’t afford to miss!

Amazing Natural Health and Wellness Holistic Natural Center recommends that no food be consumed 2 hours before your colonic treatment. Plenty of water and raw vegetable juices are great for hydrating and softening fecal matter.

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