The Ministry is committed to reaching the Unreached with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:19

Weekly visitation to homeless in U.S.A every friday of the week.
Call this number for further information, 770-900-6269, 678-923-6880, 678-908-5893

Invitation for Partnership
To support our missionaries on the field at different locations:

  • Lafiagi, Pategi in Kwara State, Nigeria
  • *Degegi in South East Nigeria*
  • Tugumarine and Tuga
  • *Koma Hill in Adamawa State, Nigeria*
  • *Nikki Bank in Benin Republic*
  • *Obajana Kaiama Mission Fields and many others*

Help to fund outreaches and building projects in unreached and underprivileged nations.
To provide training for those serving in mission to become more effective in their various duties.
Enable us to better strategize and expand our reach across the globe.
To sponsor converts for vocational training.
To organize and support the i-CARE program for the less privileged in and outside the country.
Feeding the homeless and giving medical care to the converts.
Thank you for been an extension of God’s programme by your prayers and financial supports.


Desire to comfort, counsel, reach out to the hopeless and for souls to be fulfilled in life.

Aims & Objectives

  • Reach and restore hopelessness
  • To promote, initiate, implement programmes and activities that will enhance sound doctrines, health and welfare for body of Christ.

Target Population

500-1000 Souls

Statement of Faith

  • We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God, supreme, and has the final authority.
  • That by his word, we live and we are alive.
  • That Jesus came to deliver, save, heal, and give life abundantly.
  • That Jesus is our Lord and Savoir, who died, buried, and rose the third day and coming back again.
  • We believe in the power of Holy Spirit, and Baptist by immersion.
  • That we must live in the will, word, and way of our God to fulfill our purpose in life.

Focus Areas

  • Marriage seminar and Counseling.
  • Love camp for Youth.
  • Women empowerment. (Increase your income.)
  • Alone with God, restoration and Deliverance section.

Our Needs, for the FF centers are:

  • Accommodation, both here and Nigeria.
  • Equipments: e.g. Video projectors, Cameras, Bibles, and literatures, Camcorder.
    • Equipment for training women and Youth:
    • Empowerment programmes e.g. Musical instruments, sewing machines, computers machines, fax machines,
    • Baby care products.
    • Volunteers.
    • Yours:
      • Giving
      • Going and,
      • Groaning