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The very 1st time I did the detox therapy I was hooked. At the end of the therapy I felt a surge of energy, I felt lighter and better. When I saw the colors and the amount of toxins pulled out of my body I surrendered to the number of treatments recommended by Dr. Akin. I look forward to my weekly treatments and have not regretted the investment. I recommend detox for everyone. My symptoms of pain and swelling are considerably reduced!
  • 03/22/2012

I have had significant progress in my breathing due to respiratory issues. I have had less joint pain from previous injuries, improved energy and more energy. The treatment is well worth the money. I wish I knew about this earlier. It is a true blessing.
  • 11/04/2011

Blood Pressure
My blood pressure was high and the doctor suggested the CLA and Ginger Root to lower my blood pressure. It worked well!
  • Breadman
  • 04/19/2012

Raspberry Ketone
The Raspberry Ketones has worked for me. I plan to keep using it. Using the capsules and now the liquid.
  • Judy S.
  • 04/20/2012

After my first time at the detox treatment of one hour, I went home and slept at night for about 8 hrs. Buy the time I woke up the following morning at about 7:10 am, my whole body was so light and rejuvenated. This is something I have not experienced in a very long, long time. I hope this experience speaks volumes for those seeking better health.
  • 04/27/2012

Two months ago, I was diagnosed with pleurisy; I was told that I would probably have to have Surgery to extract the fluid from my chest wall. Since that time, I had 14 detox footbaths and upon my return to the Doctor I was told that the pleurisy was gone! That was last week (12/5/12), the doctor said it was very rare for the pleurisy to just disappear and that whatever I was doing for my body must have worked!
  • Andrew Glass
  • 12/12/2012

I started the ionic foot detox in October, after my 3rd treatment, I noticed that my eyes that get swollen and red every morning have stopped getting swollen and red. Secondly, I used to have difficulty breathing; I would sleep on 2 pillows and I would hear a whistling sound with each breath that I took. After doing the detox for a few weeks it stopped! Now I sleep with 1 or no pillows at all. When I went for my follow-up with my pulmonary doctor (11/26/12), he took some x-rays and told me that I no longer have fluid in my lungs. My energy levels have also improved and my appetite has greatly improved, since the start of my ionic foot detox.
  • Ify N.
  • 12/15/2012

Source of life Gold Liquid
Before taking "Source of Life Gold Liquid Ultimate Multi-Vitamin", I felt sluggish every morning, tired, drained and exhausted. I have tried many different multi-vitamins from Wal-Mart and Kroger, but I did not feel any different. I decided to search for a Natural Pathologist Doctor and I soon found Dr. Florence Akinwumiju. She is very helpful and knowledgeable. She told me about Source of Life Gold Liquid and I have been diligently taking it since the beginning of this year (20120. Every morning I take this multi-vitamin, I feel alert, attentive, balance and I feel so much better about accomplishing my daily task, because now I can get a whole lot done without feeling fatigued and depleted. Also I am not craving junk foods like I use to, I don't feel irritable and forgetful. I don't struggle with working out my weight has decreased and I LOVE IT! IT WORKS! AWESOME!
  • 12/19/12

Upon my arrival to Amazing Natural Health and Wellness, my inner health was not at all in peak performance. Dr. Akin suggested that an ionic foot detoxification, would be beneficial to my health.After a few sessions, some of my issues started to clear up. The swelling in my hand from Arthritis, went down. There have been no signs of Eczema appearing on my skin anymore. No bouts with Gastric Reflux, and believe me that is a blessing. Because of the ionic foot detoxification it is now going to be a part of my health maintenance.Thank You Dr. Akin
  • Mr. Williams Hankins Jr.
  • 06/28/13