Zyto Assessment

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could stop guessing which herbs and supplements are the right ones for you? If you could know what was going on inside your body, without any invasive tests and exams? You’re in luck because the ZYTO ASSESMENT can solve all those unknown questions.


The ZYTO Assessment scans your body and generates a feedback report that tells you which health and wellness products will work to help you balance your body.
No more issues with trying different supplements, only to find out that certain ones just aren’t working for you. They may work for your spouse or best friend, but that is because we are all uniquely different; and so we require different things to keep our body’s in balance. Now you can save time and money because you will know exactly which supplements to purchase, and take, because it is based on your ZYTO assessment scan.
This is “21st Century Technology” at its best!
The human body is an innately intelligent system in and of itself. It knows what is going on inside of every single organ, tissue and cell. But the truly great thing is that the ZYTO assessment is able to pick up on any imbalances (bio-markers that are not in place), and it can help to identify where work needs to be done, and with what.

The ZYTO assessment is not a medical procedure or treatment, (although there are many medical professionals who have been using this technology for years). It is able to read the energy fields in the body through a simple assessment software on a computer (It actually scans all of the meridians in the body). It will then make product suggestions, and some that you may not have even thought of; and it will confirm many things that you probably already know about the supplements you are currently using.

What to Expect During a ZYTO Assessment

The ZYTO Assessment is super simple. You just place your hand in the hand cradle and rest it there for approximately five minutes. The energy fields in your body are scanned and the Compass inputs the information into the computer.
The ZYTO scan is quick, easy and painless. It only takes about five minutes to complete the scan, and the entire analysis and printed report is normally finished in less than thirty minutes.